Industrial espionage is the covert and sometimes illegal practice of investigating competitors to gain a business advantage. The target of investigation might be a trade secret such as a proprietary product specification or formula, or information about business plans. In many cases, industrial spies are simply seeking any data that their organization can exploit to its advantage.

An industrial spy may be an insider threat, such as an individual who has gained employment with the company with the purpose of spying or a disgruntled employee who trades information for personal gain or revenge.

Industrial and economic espionage is commonly associated with high-tech industries such as:

• Computer software

• Hardware

• Biotechnology

• Aerospace

• Telecommunications

• Transportation and engine technology

• Automobiles

• Machine tools

• Energy

• Materials

• Coatings

SR Risk Management can help combat typo squatting, prevent data breaches and data leaks, avoid regulatory fines and protect your customer's trust through cyber security ratings and continuous exposure detection.

SR Risk Management can minimize the amount of time your organization spends managing third-party relationships by automating vendor questionnaires and continuously monitoring your vendors' security posture over time while benchmarking them against their industry.

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