What goes up must come down, sometimes. Do not assume the current trend is the likely long-term direction for the enterprise. A good decision today may be better than a perfect decision tomorrow. A precipitous decision when more information is easily obtained might be dangerous to your organization. A leader’s job is to make hard decisions, even if all the information is inaccessible. Waiting until all the questions are answered can be commercial suicide.

‘Indecision and delays are parents of failure.’-George Canning

Act now, to do your due-diligence and develop Intelligence. Business success depends on myriad factors but, at the very least organization must know its market, meet its needs and stay abreast of everything the competition is doing. Gathering information about your competition is vital in determining the competitive strategy and staying ahead of the game.

• Intellectual Property & Hijacking

• Due-Diligence

• Idea Screening

• Market entry

• Competitive Intelligence

• Crisis Intervention

• Market Research/ Survey

• Information & Reviews

• Undercover Role & Corporate Espionage

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